Sunday, October 31, 2010

Bert's Plan at the BAFF

Bert's Plan is an excellent short film I'm in as an actor.  It's being presented at the Big Apple Film Festival on Tuesday, November 2nd (Election Day) at 8:30pm - Program 3

Bert's Plan – 21 minutes
Dir. Yair Shvartz
Bert is a struggling middle-aged writer attempting to get his book published. Downtrodden and plagued with rejection, Bert comes up with a plan. In a twist of hilariously dark, ironic and serendipitous events, Bert's original plan takes an unexpected turn.

I recommend you go vote early then save the evening for the Festival - The election results will be the same whether you sit home and watch it or not! - See some great films - get election results when you get home!

Then everybody's happy!

Saturday, October 30, 2010

All part of the process...

Unfortunately, one of the actors set to join us for the read has dropped out because he got some out of town work!  Damn, but good for him!   Another actor has joined for a different role. YaY!   So still two more roles to cast... but this is how it goes.  It's all part of the process. 

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Mirror Mates - 1st reading set for 12/6/10

Mirror Mates: A Two Faced Farce is a play set in two rooms, at different locations, placed side by side on stage.   These rooms/locations are surrounded by a myriad of hallways and doors which completely overlap.  One room is the “dressing room” backstage at a mid-level musical playhouse called “Maxie's Fabulous Dinner Theater.”  And the other room is the “Rec Room” of a home for the chronically mentally ill called “Mega House.”   Both businesses are having a particularly difficult week. 

All of the actors double, playing a role on each side except one, Wiley, who works in both locations.  He’s the Day Shift Guy, serving up lunch, meds and advice to the Residents of Mega House, and at night, he’s the “Emergency Stage Manager” at Maxie’s Fabulous Dinner Theater… again.