Saturday, October 1, 2011

Round 2 ~ Submissions Continue ~ Inquiry Only

Hey Friends and Fans!

So, I've begun Round 2 of Mirror Mates Script Submissions! 

I've decided to make this one the Theatres that don't actually let you send them any pages of dialogue upfront. ...Inquiry Only.  This usually includes, the Cover Letter, Synopsis, Character Breakdown (w/ actor doubling) a Resume and a self addressed stamped envelope if going by snail mail.  (And I better get these in before the Post Office goes bankrupt.)

The basic letter is below:  (If you know any Theatre Literary Drama Staff, please pass this along!)

Dear Dramaturg / Artistic Director / Literary Associate / Insert that Title here:_______________

Welcome to my latest work: “Mirror Mates: A Two Faced Farce”.

Mirror Mates’ protagonist, Wiley, holds two jobs: Stage Manager in a Dinner Theater & Day Shift Guy in a Home for the Chronically Mentally Ill.  He does them very well under normal circumstances, but it’s not a typical week.  I personally have held both of these jobs, not simultaneously and overlapping as “Wiley” does them, but absolutely close enough.  It became natural for me to merge them into a farce, tackling some of society’s heaviest psychological issues in a fun, light, fabulous way…  rolling them all into an adventurous quest for ice cream!

The first draft of Mirror Mates received a "living room reading" which led to a Kickstarter campaign to raise funds for the following drafts and a Staged Reading.

The Staged Reading was held on April 29th at Theater54@ShetlerStudios in NYC.  Of course, it’s challenging to “stage-read” a farce; so, with consent from the union, we taped out the floor and ran around as much as possible!  And it all went wonderfully; the audience easily tracked the action and roared with delight.  I blogged it for our backers at: which feeds into the LionSnax site, so it all turns up right here: .

Everything I learned from the readings I’ve incorporated into the latest draft (5.2) which currently runs about 2:10 (belying the actual page count) and is ready to be born into production.  Please let me know if you’d like to read it and join in the adventure.

My Best to You,

Bill Toscano
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