Friday, February 25, 2011

Mirror Mates ~ Draft 3.1 is now Complete!

The 3rd Draft of Mirror Mates: A Two Faced Farce is now complete!
"Cheers, darling!"

"B & C" Characters have been bolstered and fleshed out!
Storylines get pulled through!
Loose ends are all tied up... 
And a lot of new punch lines have been added!

Pre-production for the Reading is moving along nicely.

Soon we'll:
Hold auditions for those few roles not yet cast!
Announce Production Folk who have been brought onboard!
Have the Final Poster artwork completed!
And be sharing much, much more!

Join the Blog & Keep Checking In!

Be in the Know...
Help the Show...
Here we Go!

Much Love,

Bill Toscano
Colleen Brown

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Mirror Mates! ~Funding Successful! Thank You, ALL!

We Did It!
We have got the best Friends 'n Fans 'n Family!
Thank You, Thank You, Thank You!

Lots of News Soon!
Right now it's time to Celebrate!

Lots of Love!
Bill & Team LionSnax

5 hours to go! ~ 4... 3... to... one last minute @ 5:48pm!

5 hours... 4... 3... 2.... 
There's Still a Little Time!

Today's the Day!
Make It So!

Much Love!
Bill & Co...