Thursday, January 5, 2012

After School Drama on Kickstarter

Jeffery Keilholtz, a great friend and former student of mine, has mounted a Kickstarter campaign to fund "After School Drama" a documentary he intends to make about the importance of keeping the Arts in schools and in kids’ lives.

Jeff plans on using my time directing and running the Theater Department at Gov. Thomas Johnson High School (TJ), and the wonderful work we did there, as a centerpiece of the documentary. 

Now, I’ve directed many shows, with professionals and amateurs alike, but my all time favorite directing experiences were in that High School.  Much of the work we did there was simply extraordinary.  I challenged those students daily and they, so, rose to the occasion.  It was thrilling and inspiring, and occasionally drove me nuts, but I appreciate each and every one of them to this day… and their very patient parents.  

Much of “After School Drama”, will likely focus on me, but it’s not really about me at all; it’s about them and the work we achieved.  It’s about inspiring confidence in young creative artists that will hopefully last a lifetime, confidence that they can pass on to a new generation.

Many of Jeff’s contemporaries, and my other former students, are still in touch via Facebook and other social outlets, you may be one of them.  In fact, a long thread of a group conversation on Facebook about “City of Angels” (a show we did) apparently inspired Jeff to jump start this project on Kickstarter.

Please help him achieve this goal to mount this film and let’s all inspire other students together!

Please, do it.  Donate.  Do it now.

My Best to You,