Saturday, December 19, 2015

Make it Rayne!!

RANYE!  The Complete Ongoing Series

Binge it from the beginning!

When you wonder WTF? just keep going!  It's worth it. 

Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Rayne: Complete Ongoing Series

Binge It All!
Binge It All To Hell!
In any order you like! Let it unfold your way.


Wednesday, October 14, 2015


RayneDroops are RayneDrops but Droopy!  RayneDrops are funny little Drops of Rayne Videos that never made it to the "air" because we went with another take.

Thursday, October 1, 2015

Coffee with Rayne - Another Special Guest!

Coffee with Rayne - Another Special Guest!

Binge the whole series on YouTube!

Saturday, September 26, 2015

Improv-Cellphone-Theater & Rayne @DramaDepts

In case you see a lot of activity going by and are hesitant to click... or have clicked and are hesitant to LIKE, follow, or reply... or are simply wondering what the hell is going on over there at The Drama Dept....? Here's a little insight...

The idea behind ‪#‎Rayne‬ and that aspect of The Drama Dept. is to create an ongoing character's life, arc and story-line, over time, in short segments.
Each episode starts with an idea for what the next bit of story-line will be, sometimes it's adjacent to what's going on in my own life, but it doesn't have to be... though that can be great fodder for the mill!

Then I/we just improv a bunch of takes...5, 6, 7 however many we need... to get a fun and quasi-usable snippet... (Or something I can work with?) Subscribe!'s like taking a video selfie, but as a character, speaking, or stumbling or befuddling ...with stakes. Of course, what ever you say in that particular "usable" improv... and subsequently put out into the series (on YouTube or wherever) is what is happening in that character's world, Rayne's world... or your own world... and where the story-line is going for the series!

Sometimes it'll be terrible, and occasionally hilarious! (...hopefully?) But, ultimately, it's a new way of working for me and, frankly, I'm enjoying it. Maybe others will too? And, perhaps, join me in this little adventure?

Once you get it going, of course, they're short enough that you can do them while doing other things, life, work, a show... whatever?
So, come out and play in the Rayne! Or do whatever YOU want to do!
Do one! Do twenty! Do a 3 year series?! And post them here at The Drama Dept. Everyone will judge you anyway... might as well enjoy yourself and do what you want!

So, Jump in! Have fun! Create something new, something you... on the cheap, on the fly, taking a risk and having a fun! Improv-Cellphone Theater! ~That's what I'm calling it this little piece of The Drama Dept. puzzle.
It doesn't have to be perfect, that's not really the point. There are plenty of places out there on the webs for "perfect" videos. This is something messy, fun, playful, different... with a theater sensibility, and performed online!

Crazy? Yes, maybe I am ... but what the hell, I'm having fun.
Jump in... Join Us! ...Who's with me? ;-)


Tuesday, August 11, 2015

WANTED: NYC: Actor- Writer-Director-Collaborators!

"WANTED: NYC: Actor- Writer-Director-Collaborators!

Old Friends... New Friends:  It's a New Dawn

Are you performing, writing, creating as much as you'd like to be? 
Do you find yourself isolated on the treadmill of auditions, and classes, and paying to meet agents and casting directors?

The Industry's Mantra is truly becoming:
"Create Your Own Work! Get it out there, develop a following, we'll find you!"

Well, I'm in the midst of building new communities to do just that. Creating groups of talented like-minded pros, amateurs and students. Devising new work and creating it together, as a group... and groups of groups.

Today's technology is truly making this possible... from right where you are!
Let's band together and use it in new ways.

Contact me for more info, let's get the conversation started... and bring your creativity!
Find me on Facebook... The Drama Dept. The Drama Dept. on facebook
Over there on Twitter:

You don't have to be in NYC to participate... there are many ways to join in! But there will be some in person plans and events."