Thursday, July 28, 2011

Mirror Mates: A Two Faced Farce - The New Synopsis

by Bill Toscano

Mirror Mates is set in twin, crumbling locations placed side by side on stage.
On one side is Dressing Room “A” backstage at Maxie’s Fabulous Dinner Theater.
On the other is The Rec Room at Mega House: Home for the Chronically Mentally Ill.
Identical, opposite… and the hallways overlap.

 Each of the actors in Mirror Mates plays two parts; one on each side, except for the actor playing “Wiley,” who works in both locations.  By day, he serves up lunch, meds and advice to the residents of Mega House; and by night, he’s the Emergency Stage Manager at Maxie’s

These "families" are have fallen on trying times.

It’s tech week at Maxie’s (which is only three days long) and their new director’s original version of a famous musical is nowhere near ready, but is sold out!  There’s been a flood in the dressing room, which is suddenly locked!  But the cast is determined to carry on, in spite of the mocktails, except for Rupert, who's “broken his foot” …and bought plane tickets to France.  
Over at the home, second lunch is off to a rocky start, which is now being served in the Rec Room, due to the “dishwasher-dining room-deep-sea-disaster,” and the residents are up in arms! And their meds are about to change, but the new night shift guy is finally coming in! …perhaps?   

And everyone’s unhappy about the quality of desert!

Yet, Wiley keeps it all together; but what he doesn’t know about a deep-seated connection between the two enterprises …is vast.  And over the course of the next three days, things go from bad to impossible the speed of light.  Madness runs rampant; people are not who they seem, and the secrets run deep.  
But revelations do come, with nuts on top, in a series of startling twists…
When a Mega House quest for Ice Cream crash lands backstage at Maxie’s
…spot on cue for opening night!

Everybody standby…

Monday, July 25, 2011

See me in "Bert's Plan" ~ Manhattan Film Festival

Come see me in
@ the Manhattan Film Festival! 

Saturday 07-30-2011 at 04:45 & 06:35 PM 

Award Winning Short Film!  

I play Victor, Bert's best friend & agent.