Tuesday, November 20, 2012

The LINE has been crossed - Do Not Enter

I’m so sorry to have to announce this, but the producer for the production of LINE that I’ve been directing has chosen to not honor the AEA Union agreement she signed.   AEA is looking into the matter.  The entire cast and I have chosen to leave the production.  I don’t know if the performances will be cancelled. 
I would suggest that you do not buy tickets.  If you have bought tickets already I hope you can be reimbursed.   I have no further information at this point.  The ticket link and phone number are still listed the previous post.   
Thank You. 

Sunday, November 18, 2012

LINE -NYC, Killer Comedy, Directed by Bill Toscano

Israel Horovitz’s classic, existential, dark comedy explores these questions in this biting, absurdist allegory, that perfectly satirizes the human frailty of win-at-all-cost attitude of being in 1st place. 
Tickets for LINE  Or Call 347-413-7539 to RSVP
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